Tablalumin is a Greek aluminum & steel products manufacturing factory founded since 1981 by Christos Papaioannou. They are known in the field for their high quality Security Steel & Aluminum Doors and aluminum panels which are ideal for traditional & fashionable island structures.


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Boy did we have a plateful of things to overcome in this project.

For starters, their previous CMS (Content Management System) was not updated since 2011, it had a ton of bugs, was producing errors that were crucial to the site operation and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it was pretty much outdated.

Since the system was written for older programming languages we could not utilize all the cool stuff new servers where providing and thus had to downgrade server specs to older and not so secure versions.

Another important issue was that the site was not mobile responsive, thus pretty much losing over 50% of their visitors, and in order to improve Google Rankings and optimize the site for best user experience we had to part ways with the old CMS.

Then there was also extendibility issues, since the client wanted to use some specific plugins they had to pay for each and every one.

Not to mention that the site was also hacked at some point and spam links where appearing on the Google Results.

And if that was not enough, the old website started using so many server resources that it had to be shut down for 1 month losing all their Google Rankings until the new website was ready.



  • Create a new modern and mobile friendly Ecommerce website.
  • Transfer all the current products while the old website was down. (800+ )
  • Maintain the current URL structure or create redirections to the new ones. (We ended up doing the second one and it was pretty much a bit of a nightmare because the old website was shut down but we managed to come up with solutions.)
  • Optimize the URL’s for Google Best Practices.
  • Optimize the Content and Categories for better SEO.
  • Create new Newsletter Designs for promoting the content and website announcement.
  • Create Facebook Campaigns promoting new products.


We began with an extensive discovery process to map all the categories, content structure and the needed information that was most relevant to the user.

After that we started immediately with product export from the previous platform and reorganizing the data structure for the import to the new website.

For the visual aspect, the client had the exact idea of how their website needed to look like and after a couple design examples and tweaks here and there we ended up with the visual for the whole website.

The main focus here was the user, we wanted the visitors to find the relevant products or categories as soon as possible and in just 3 clicks.








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